Laser Cutting

Tackle Twill
Tackle Twill is an applique that can be used instead of stitches for large areas of a design. It looks professional and feels great.

Laser Cutting
Perfectly cut crisp edges. The edges get head sealed as it is cut. That means your design will be perfectly cut without any fraying or raged edges.

Examples of Types of Stitches
Zigzag Stitch - This stitch is the most basic and most popular stitch to hold on tackle twill. It is typically a thread that matches the twill color and used just to hold it. It is a utilitarian stitch and is not used in regular embroidered designs.

Satin Stitch - This stitch is used to add a nice clean border. You will not see the edge of the cut tackle twill wiht this stitch, but it will add more stitches to your design. It can be the same color thread or a contrasting thread color.

Bean Stitch - This is a more decorative stitch. Creating a unique look that resembles a dashed line around the border. It can be the same color or a contrasting color of thread.

Fill Stitch - This is a stitch used to fill larger areas instead of tackle twill or a satin stitch. It can be used on all sizes of designs. We use this stitch for smaller detail areas that are too wide to use a satin stitch but not large enough for the use of tackle twill.

Tackle Twill Font Choise

These are the vailable choices for tackle twill personalizations.

Available for personalized names or numbers only. Please ask about our digitizing service if you would like a logo in our tackle twill.



2 Color Options - You can choose to have the letters connected or not connected. Our selection of tackle twill colors are below for you to choose from.


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